Glad Hatter 5 WEEK, 9 L WINE KIT

The Glad Hatter’s story is as unusual as the Hatter himself. Some say he roamed the countryside entertaining people with his antics, and that he carries a secret stash of delicious wine that he kept tucked under his enormous top hat. Others day that his hat was the magic, and that he used it to conjure wine for friendly villagers he encountered in his travels. But no matter his story, everyone agrees on one thing — the Glad Hatter’s wine is always wonderful. His white and blush wines are soft and crisp with distinctive fruit notes, whereas his red wines are fermented on crushed grape skins, seeds and stems, lending to a more complex wine. Now you can enjoy these delicious varieties, which have been the favorites of the wine lovers around the world. They have been brought to you by RJ Spagnols’ expertise in craft wine making. Glad Hatter wines are whimsical, bold and colourful like the Glad Hatter himself… these wines will thrill and delight you and your guests, everyday.

Red Wines

Australia - Shiraz

Some say that Australia’s Aboriginal people have a ceremonial dance that was only ever performed once for an outsider – the Glad Hatter. Legend has it, it was this dance that inspired the Hatter to conjure the first bottle of Australian Shiraz.

This deep ruby red wine is well balanced with lively aromas of black pepper, plums and toasted oak. Full-bodied in structure, it is robustly built with chewy tannins from fermentation on crushed grape skins and streaks of chocolate leading up to an elegant finish

California Cabrinet

The Glad Hatter was heard to say that he loved the whole world, but was only in love with the California sun. In fact, many believe it was the reason he first dawned his enormous top hat. It was the only hat worthy to tip to the sun. And each time he did so, he conjured a bottle of California Cabernet as a gift to his love.

With a hint of oak that contributes to spicy notes and luscious tannins and fermentation on crushed grape skins, this well rounded Cabernet has a bouquet teeming with stone fruit and tobacco. Cherries and ripe black currants will arouse your senses finishing with rich coffee and plum notes.

California Zinfandel

One day, the story goes, The Glad Hatter suddenly appeared on a sandy beach and began to recite a poem with only 26 words, from A to Z. At the end of this brilliant brief soliloquy, he tipped his hat to the gathering crowd, and ended the poem with a bottle of Zinfandel.

This medium bodied wine is a California classic. At first sniff you will be tempted with notes of decadent dark chocolate and black pepper. These flavours are carried through to the palate where they are accented with toasted oak and wet grape skins rounding off this perfectly balanced experience.

Chilean Merlot

It is believed the Glad Hatter once said that he never truly knew the colour red until he visited Chile. He wiped a tear of joy that day, and gracefully bowed and tipped his hat, and pulled from it the most beautiful bottle of Chilean Merlot.

A robust bouquet of warm, dark fruit and tobacco leads to elevated aromas of ripe black currants and cherries. Layers of coffee and dark plum notes unfold to reveal a big-hearted dry wine blessed with excellent length of flavours and supple tannins from crushed grape skins.

Italian Valpola

The Italians believe the Glad Hatter was born in Italy, and that Italian wine runs through his veins. Some believe, it’s Valpolicella, because of the spring in his step. To this day, in some Italian villages, it’s tradition to kick your heels after every sip.

Medium-bodied and deliciously fruity, this popular Italian wine is dark garnet in colour and boasts of generous, rich aromas of dark ripe fruit with hints of raisins. Subtle nuances of vanilla and spice from the oak and tannins from fermentation on grape skins create a well-rounded experience.

White Wines

Australian Chardonnay

The story goes, the Glad Hatter visited the Australian outback in his youth, and it was there he conjured his first bottle of white wine – Australian Chardonnay – and to this day, this variety is enjoyed the world over.

This full-bodied wine displays an enticing combination of crisp citrus fruits laced with vanilla and peach notes. Straw in colour, it is supported by a seamless palate packed with notes of melon rounded out in a long, oaky finish.

Chilean Savignon Blanc

Legend has it in a remote Chilean village, kept in a secret place, the original bottle of the Glad Hatter’s favourite white wine is preserved. This bottle of Chilean Sauvignon Blanc is kept cool and dry, in celebration of his visit to this beautiful country.

Intense aromas of honeydew melon and pears entice the nose while zesty flavours of grapefruits and herbs grace the palate. Pale straw in colour, this full-bodied dry wine is a Chilean classic.

German Riesling

Once, a German wine maker was visited by a mysterious traveler. Rumour has it, the visitor whispered in the wine maker’s ear, then went on his way. What he whispered was the secret to making the perfect Riesling. The wine maker remembered most, the travelers joyful disposition, and his enormous top hat.

This classic, dry Riesling offers generous aromas of citrus fruits and blossoms upfront. Rich flavours of grapefruit with floral undertones follow to give it a focused, crisp finish. Straw in colour, this medium-bodied wine lingers attractively on the palate.

Italian Pinot Grigio

Some say The Glad Hatter was in Italy the day he first discovered his gift of magic, and that his top hat was a keep-sake from a local girl of remarkable beauty. To show her his admiration, he tipped his hat and a bottle of Pinot Grigio appeared.

Fresh and vibrant on the nose, this dry white wine packs sensational aromas of green apples and butterscotch. This easy-drinking Italian wine displays a light straw colour with crisp flavours of almonds and citrus notes on the finish.

Rose Wines

Chilean Malbec Rose

It’s been said that the Glad Hatter always visited Chile in Spring. Some Chileans, to this day, maintain that it was because he enjoyed the sweet fragrance in the air. Coincidentally, after each rain, many locals would find a bottle of the Hatter’s Chilean Malbec Rose on their window sills.

Beautifully aromatic with notes of pear and hints of ripe strawberries and juicy raspberries. This wine is fairly crisp and refreshing with just a slight hint of sweetness.