Why Us

Are you looking for a friendly, spacious, clean U-Vin shop with amazing customer service?  Classic Wine Cellars can assist you in choosing and crafting award-winning quality wines at a fraction of liquor store prices.

Not only are the wines great as they are, but because you are crafting your own wine, you have flexibility in the levels of sweetness or oak to create a wine suited to your particular tastes. You also have only a small percentage of the sulphites and other additives that are commonly found in commercial wines. Many people are sensitive to these and avoid enjoying a glass of wine because of them. Now, with delicious wines crafted yourself, you can have that great Cabernet Sauvignon with your grilled steak, or that perfectly chilled Italian Pinot Grigio visiting with the girls on a sunny afternoon.

Also, because you are essentially buying top quality grape juices to craft into wines, you don’t pay hefty liquor taxes on juice. This is one of the reasons you can get such amazing wines at even more amazing prices.

We offer many varieties of wine kits to choose from as well as many specialty fruit mist wines, port style wines, and ice wines. There are also special wine kits made from the best crops each year that are only available for a limited time. The only difficult part of the process is choosing your wine.

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